Who has to be licensed to work with the Tribe’s gaming enterprise? Gaming Vendors Financial Sources Primary Management Officials Key Employees Casino Game Employees Who has to be registered to work with the Tribe’s gaming enterprise? Non-gaming Suppliers Gaming Occupation Employees (Casino facility employees who are not Primary Management Officials, Key Employees or Casino Game Employees) What is the difference between a Gaming Vendor and a Non-Gaming Supplier? A Non-Gaming Supplier is an individual or entity who sells, leases or provides goods or services to the Enterprise for the operation of the Facility which are not used by the Enterprise in the operation of Casino Games.  A Gaming Vendor is an individual or entity, other than a Management Contractor, or Casino Game Employee, who sells, leases or otherwise provides goods or services to the Enterprise which are used by the Enterprise in the operation of Casino Games. Why do they have to be licensed or registered? A license or registration establishes that the background of an Applicant was investigated and that the Applicant meets the suitability requirements for the licensee or registration. Do subcontractors have to be licensed or registered? Yes. All subcontractors must be either licensed or registered. What is the difference between a license and a registration? The background investigation and disclosure requirements of a registrant are not quite as intensive as that of a licensee. How do I apply for a license or a registration? An individual or company wishing to do business with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Gaming Authority or one of its affiliates must submit an application along with any applicable personal history disclosures and fees. Do I have to pay for my license or registration? Gaming Vendors and Non-gaming Suppliers must submit fees along with their applications. What happens to the application information that is provided to the Gaming Commission?         The Commission uses the information to conduct background investigations on individuals and companies to determine their suitability for a gaming license or registration.  All information is carefully secured to prevent release.  However, the information may be shared with the National Indian Gaming Commission as part of its routine oversight over tribal gaming and may be shared with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission if there is a tribal-state gaming compact in effect that regulates the relationship between the Commonwealth and the Tribe. What happens if a license or registration Applicant fails to provide all of the requested information?          The Commission may not be able to conduct an adequate investigation.  This could result in the denial of a license or registration. What happens if an individual qualifies as a Primary Management Official (PMO) and as an individual who is required to submit a Personal History Disclosure under a company license or registration?         A PMO should submit a PMO application and file a statement with the company application that states that the individual has submitted a separate PMO application. Do the licenses or registrations have to be renewed? Yes.  A license has to be renewed annually and a registration has to be renewed every two years. What do I have to do to renew the license or registration?          You should request a renewal application package 90 days prior to the expiration of the license or registration term.  You need to return that package within 30 days. What happens if a company or individual fails to obtain a license or registration? Effective April 1, 2013, the Tribe may not engage or employ companies and individuals subject to licensing or registration until they have been determined suitable by the Commission and a license or registration is issued. How do I obtain more information on the licensing and registering process and requirements? Review the Gaming Commission’s licensing and registering regulations.  If you do not have a copy of the regulations or have additional questions, contact the Gaming Commission.
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